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Public Art in CT

Are you an art lover looking for cheap ways to see amazing art? Check out these locations for public art in Connecticut. We have a complete guide to the best public art venues right here! Go see beautiful pieces of art using our list of public art in CT as a helpful hand. 

65 Elizabeth Street, Hartford, CT 06105


Public arts in University of Connecticut

 University of Connecticut - School of Law, have many public arts in different places in its campus. If you are an art lover then it is a must for you to come to the campus. The "Legal Process Narrative," created by Wemer Pfeiffer, is a stone frieze & wall sculpture situated in the library facade & interior lobby. The "Middle Path" is a granite exterior sculpture which was designed by Robert Sindorf and placed in the quadrangle area. "Spoleto Poster" is a limited edition poster which is found on the Hartranft Hall in the campus. It was created by Willem Dekoonig. 


In Hosmer Hall there are many public arts found. "Easter Day 1979" is a color lithograph and can be found on 2nd floor of Hosmer Hall, which was created by Robert Motherwell. "Fish of the Nile" and "Dancer at Rest" are block prints. These are placed in room 281 in Hosmer Hall. The artist of both of these is Nefertiti. Many more pieces can be found throughout the campus.

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56 Arbor Street, Hartford, CT 06106


Artists Page

Do you want to witness amazing public arts from your favorite artists? Check out Real Art Ways in CT and get updates on the wonderful art collections and discover talented artists and their amazing crafts.


At Real Art Ways in CT, artists are passionate and ideally outshine the venue. So book your visit now and witness the collections they have in their galleries. These are some amazing pieces of public art to view.

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1120 Main Street , Bridgeport, CT 06604


Extreme Talents

Visit a rare show of extreme talents from different artists who specialize in paintings and photography. At Umbrella Arts in CT, you can take a good look at their wonderful artistic collections.


They present new talents in their most instinctive ways that creates exceptional results from exhibitions and events. It is open from 1 pm to 6 pm every Thursday and Saturday. So check out Umbrella Arts in CT to see more of your desired public arts.

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133 Elm Street, New Haven, CT 06510


Public Arts 

The collection of public arts in the word are brought to you by Public Art Archive in CT. Offering you the best of their talented craft that shows exquisite and extraordinary talents from all over the place.


With their extensive description of public arts, Public Art Archive in CT shows the beautiful images of collections that will definitely amaze you. Come and visit now and discover the hidden beauty of these public arts in the city.

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301 West Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06850


A Very Artistic Collection

Building a vibrant community is what Cultural Alliance in CT is made of and trying to accomplish, for providing different unspectacular public arts that promotes the welfare of the artists' organization. You can view their amazing collections and be enthralled.


Their promotion of professional art are offered to the public. So with Cultural Alliance in CT, public arts are presented to everyone.

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944 State Street, New Haven, CT 06511


The Public Art Gallery

A mix of contemporary arts and professional exhibitions are offered to you by City Gallery in CT. For their significant collection of arts and crafts from different talented artists, they give you the opportunity to witness the public art gallery.


From the exhibitions of paintings, print makings, sculptures and photography, the gallery offers you almost everything you would want to witness. So come and see these collections at City Gallery in Connecticut.

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100 Pearl Street, Hartford, CT 06103


Gallery of Collections

The public display of gallery collections from the most outstanding artists in city is held by 100 Pearl Street Gallery in Connecticut. They provide and present you these pictures for artistic awareness that represents beautiful masterpieces.


Come and visit 100 Pearl Street Gallery and show your support in making these galleries of public arts collection the best exhibited in town. Attend the exhibits of 100 Pearl Street Gallery in CT.

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Canton Green Road, Canton, CT 06019


Variety of Arts

Witness a variety of arts offered to you by Gallery on the Green in Connecticut. It was presented to the public to promote the welfare of the talented artists. Just visit the place if you want to see samples of their collections.


Arts are widely opened to the public by Gallery on the Green in CT for the contributions and support of the public for local and outstanding talents of different generations. A collection of exhibits in many media forms is being presented throughout the years.

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315 Peck Street , New Haven , Ct 06513


Exceptional Examples of Arts

Looking for a place where you can find a different variety of artistic collections? Well, at Fred Giampietro in CT art gallery, you will love the contemporary exceptional examples of public arts.


The gallery presents several shows that showcase the magnificent talents of well-known artists all over the place. With the unique interpretations of these masterpieces, Fred Giampietro in CT can absolutely showcase them all.

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96 Orange Street, New Haven, CT 06510


Arts For Public View

Want to be part of extraordinary exhibitions of public arts collections? Then Reynolds Fine Art in Connecticut is just the right place for you. With their amazing featured masterpieces from very talented artists, it sure is one of the best places to attend an exhibit.


Arts and crafts from Reynolds Fine Art in CT are displayed to show and promote national and international contemporary works of different artists all over the place. Come and witness this amazing event and be a part of it.

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15 Lorraine Drive, Woodbridge, CT 06525


Works of Art for the Public

Visit a museum quality exhibit of paintings, sculptures, and collages from Beverly Kaye Gallery in CT, for her amazing collections of art that will truly enthrall you.


The gallery is open by appointment and there are several open houses each year so you are very much welcome to visit the Beverly Kaye Gallery in CT and enjoy the public art that is available.

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+1 860-512-3000
60 Bidwell St Manchester, CT 06040, United States, Manchester, CT 06040


Public Art in Manchester Community College

Visit Manchester Community College. There are plenty of public art available for the visitors which are free for all. Manchester Community College uses public art to decorate its campus area. One of the world famous sculptors David Hayes's corten steel sculpture is placed at the East Campus entrance. This sculpture is named "Screen Sculpture 3."


In the south of main entrance you will find a sculpture named "Cherry Float" which was founded by David Stromeyer. Two public arts by Jun Kaneko is placed in different places of the campus. One is a ceramic named "Heads" placed in the great path academy atrium and another named "Ascent" is in the learning resource center. There is an interactive sound sculpture placed at the learning resource center entrance of the east campus. This is named "Sonic Gates" and was created by Christopher Janney. There are many more public arts placed throughout the campus. If you are an "art lover", then it is a must for you to visit Manchester Community College.

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+1 860-412-7200
742 Upper Maple Street, Danielson, CT 06239


Public Art in Quinebaug Valley Community College

 There are many public arts placed in the University of Connecticut. All of the art is free for visitors. At the lobby there is a fiber wall hanging named "Autumn Cascade" arted by Lewis Knauss. There is also an atrium bridge and windows at the lobby named "Perambulations" by Jo Yarrington. There is a watercolor on paper in room no. 201 named "Ashford Relic" by Wayne L. Davis. His other watercolor on paper named "The Sentinel" can be found at room no. 203.


There are a lot of arts placed at the library. Richard A. Lapointe's "The Forest" and "Bright and Early" are placed at library. Both of them are etching. Devid Kelly's hand tinted photograph "Cauliflower" is also placed at the library. You will also find Sandy J. Hale's black and white photograph "New Mexico 2" at this place. There are also other types of arts placed in the campus which are used to decorate the campus area.

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